Keep Stepping! in the Midst of Challenge and Change

Joy offers tailored keynotes lasting from 30 minutes through to 90 minutes.

We are living in challenging times! Today, more than ever, organisations require their workforce to deliver their very best and stay ahead of the competition.

Joy is an expert who speaks, not just a speaker with topics. She delivers keynotes which inspire teams and individuals to Keep Stepping! to push forward and reach success even in the midst of great challenge. Joy shares practical, easy to implement ideas that work! Her mission is a simple one: to help you to lead yourself beyond current limitations and deliver your absolute best during times of challenge and change.

Joy's focus is on personal and team motivation under pressure. The message: build self-esteem and confidence, raise self-awareness and understand the impact you have on others. If you're looking to develop a vibrant community of people within your organisation, then Joy is the keynote speaker for you.