Keep Stepping! for Leaders

Keep Stepping! for Leaders

Leadership in Action: Skills for people who care

Angela Roberts (HR & Recruitment Consultant, Chartered Institute of Personal Development) said:

Joy was our keynote speaker providing a truly inspirational end to the day. Very funny and extremely entertaining, illustrating some very powerful and inspirational points.

Leading yourself and others through challenge and change during turbulent times can be tricky, but great self-leadership doesn't just happen, it requires focused attention. Great leaders lead by example, they acknowledge work well-done and have the courage to speak out when things go wrong. They demonstrate leadership in action. In this keynote you will discover

  • Developing a unique people centred approach
  • Leveraging your strengths to engage with others effectively
  • Four key areas you can't ignore if you want ultimate engagement
  • Creating 'WOW' in your life and the lives of others
  • Understanding the value of soft skills and seeing other view points
  • Using your skills and bringing out the potential in others

Perfect for: C-Suite Executives, Leadership teams, Headteacher Conferences, Global Leadership teams, Sales teams, Middle Management Teams.

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