A Little Book of Steps

A Little Book of Steps

Step Up, Step Out, Stand Out!

Keeping your motivation and keeping on track is not easy, especially during the busyness of life and the challenges you experience along the way.

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This book is designed to stir up "food for thought" as you take your daily steps through life. It will make you stop and think, take a deep breath and may even challenge you. The result... you will take steps through your day more purposefully and start to live life in a more productive and fulfilled way.

How to use this book:

The steps in this book are designed to help you keep taking action and keep taking steps towards your dream, your goal or your next achievement.

The verses will encourage you to take the next step, no matter how small and no matter how tough.

It is specifically designed with blank pages on the left-hand side so that you can write your thoughts beside any of the steps, record your journey and stay focused.