Keep Stepping! (CD Audiobook)

Keep Stepping! (CD Audiobook)

Keep Stepping! (CD Audiobook) by Joy Marsden. Essential ways to lead yourself and others through challenge and change.

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First, lead yourself.

Leading yourself and others during turbulent times can be tricky, but great self-management and self-leadership don't come by accident, it requires focused attention. The need to manage and lead yourself well is necessary if you want to consistently make the right choices and take the right actions.

Mastering these skills will serve you well, both personally and professionally, and will help you to be at your best when you encounter challenges of change and uncertainty.

Packed with practical advice and grounded in research, the author Joy Marsden will share simple ways to...

  • Shred the things that don't serve you
  • Tune in and understand situations clearly
  • Bring to the surface skills that may be lying dormant
  • Take action based on your values
  • Lead your way through change and uncertainty

Achieving in life is only a part of your success. The person you are, how people see you and the way others respond to you make up the other parts. Start building on the character traits that will help you secure a great future. Go on... take the step!

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