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Pure talent is not enough

Posted: Fri, 04 Jan 2019 11:02

Pure talent is not enough

"Pure talent is not enough,

true grit and passion will get you to your dream.

Test your best ideas, learn from your mistakes and #keepstepping"

Many people underestimate just what it takes to achieve big things in life. Every now and then you and I will come across super talented people – those who seem gifted in some way with playing an instrument, applying themselves to sporting activities, solving equations, good at making things and the list goes on. Sometimes we want to scream out – 'You lucky thing', but luck has very little to do with it. It's probably got more to do with true grit, sweat and a lot of passion for the area of gifting.

Talent will only take you so far.

Intellect is nothing if you don't know how to interact, communicate effectively and build relationships with people you live and work with. The gift of having a musical ear is nothing if an instrument is never picked up. Everything must be developed. Those of you who have walked the road of 'true grit' and 'passion' will know it can be a tough road.

Anything worthwhile is going to feel like an uphill struggle at some stage of development. Really good things rarely come easily.

Don't forget - talents comes in many different forms. You can be talented at making people laugh, caring for people, instructing people, communicating with people – all these are talents and gifts that can be developed like any other. Never underestimate the goodness in someone else, rather look to see what you can encourage in them.

Make it your task this week to encourage someone that you might normally overlook. Look for the good in them and you will most certainly find it.

Help me to make the world a better place – one act of encouragement at a time.

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