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Defining Moments...

Posted: Wed, 04 Nov 2015 08:00

Defining Moments...

We all have them, we can all remember a time when we hit an all time low.

The steps we take in these defining moments shape and define us; who we really are, the work we do, the businesses we run, the way we interact with others and the people we attract.

The most successful people in the world can all describe and remember a defining moment – when they simply said 'enough is enough'. No more excuses, no more blaming someone else and no more reasons for not taking action when we know we really could.

The steps we take determine our growth, our freedom, our reality.

I'm coming from a place of truth here, I know what it's like to suffer abuse as a child, to be beaten around the house, to be told you will amount to nothing. Many of us will have heard words in the past that hurt and disarmed us … BUT will you let this be a defining moment for you or will you continue to re-live the suffering and remain stuck. The year 2016 is just around the corner – yes it may seem too early to beginning talking about the new year now but it's time to make a decision to cut away from wrong beliefs about yourself, it's time to straighten out your thinking and start living life fully. It's time to step Up, Step Out and Stand Out!

Decide today that you are and can be a blessing and a source of encouragement to the people you live with, work with and spend time with. Recognise that not everything is about you, and not everything is designed for your demise. Recognise that it starts with you. If you want more friendship then be more friendly. If you want more love, then be more loving. If you want to laugh more them make more people smile.

I guarantee ... you will receive more when you give more!

Take the step and live life more.

Keep Stepping!


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