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Living Courageously!

Posted: Tue, 02 Sep 2014 07:00

Living Courageously!

The picture may make some of you gulp, but I'm not talking about living dangerously, or necessarily jumping out of an aircraft in a 'semi-controlled' environment as my son did here... but if we want to live a life of adventure, boldness and creativity ...we will most certainly miss it if we live in the fear of making mistakes.

Most of us know someone who has accomplished something great in life, and the thing we may not realise is that they took risks to get where they are.

Wayne Gretzksy, a famous hockey player once said 'You'll always miss 100 percent of the shots you never take."

Sometimes we want to know all the answers, we want be sure of the results before we make a move. Sometimes we want to wait until we're ready to make a move, but this only serves to slow us down on the path of adventure.

So often we think things like, "What if I take that new job and I end up not liking it?". "What if I plan that surprise for my spouse and they don't like it?".

The 'what ifs' in life can steal all the enthusiasm from it and can even derail our destiny.

Is there something you know you are destined to do, but the fear of 'not making it' is holding you back?

If so, I encourage you to live boldly. Follow you heart and step out into new things. As you do, you will discover the amazing, memorable, life-changing journey in store for you.

Keep stepping!

In love


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