Alison Ahearn (Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College)

"You pitched it perfectly to the audience, in content, mood, enthusiastic delivery, establishing your credibility, entertaining but, ultimately, leaving us thinking and open to new ideas".

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entertaining and thought-provoking

Posted: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 18:42

This really was a great event - entertaining & thought provoking. Some key messages I took from it are: 1. We all have more potential than we think we do. 2. Coach your inner voices & actively choose to listen to the positive one. 3. You won't always love your work, so make time to do things you really love outside work - you need these things to revitalise & energise yourself in order to be resilient. 4. Take risks (nothing is easy), step up & don't be afraid to stand out - be the best you you can be. Fiona Hayton - Senior HR Partner

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