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Alison Ahearn (Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College)

"You pitched it perfectly to the audience, in content, mood, enthusiastic delivery, establishing your credibility, entertaining but, ultimately, leaving us thinking and open to new ideas".

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received the most heartfelt feedback..

Posted: Mon, 05 Jan 2015 18:09

What a truly fabulous and memorable series of workshops!
On a topic that many people can be sceptical about, this was definitely NOT the case.
"We run workshops for our clients and their teams on a yearly basis, choosing a different speaker each year. This year, by far, received the most heartfelt feedback in all of the years we've done them!
Allowing people the time to slow down from their daily hectic schedule was a real bonus; allowing them to really think about how they interact together as teams and individuals was priceless and listening to Joy and the way she presented the topic was awe inspiring.

I challenge anyone to go on one of Joy's inspirational workshops and not come out a more motivated, more accepting, more understanding individual, having honed the skills necessary to be a better manager and a better person.

Utterly brilliant and until next time…!" Gayle Collett - Head of Marketing - Practice Plan

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