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    Shaking Hands

Julie Waldron (UK Reception Manager, Oracle)

"I received glowing feedback from your session, it was fun, kept their attention and was humorous, all in all perfect!"


Helping you to get better results, stay motivated, lead yourself effectively, engage with others and work more efficiently!

Each session is uniquely designed to meet client needs and can run from 90 minutes to a full day. All seminar sessions are highly interactive with massive takeaways.

Are you looking for a follow-up session after hearing Joy's Keynote Talk?

Clients often book these masterclass sessions following the delivery of one of Joy's Keynote Speeches for a more in-depth and interactive session.

Are you looking for a seminar session for your delegates?

Masterclasses can be booked as a stand-alone session for your organization. Check out the four Masterclasses Joy's runs and let her know which one matches with your event theme.

Seminar subjects include:

  1. Stand-Out Leadership Success
  2. Stand-Out Sales Success
  3. Stand-Out Business Success
  4. Stand-Out Presenting Success

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