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An extremely personable trainer...

"Every time I read the evaluation forms after Joy has delivered training, someone has written "Joy is a joy" and it's so true. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joy - she is an extremely personable trainer who always achieves great results". - Amanda MacGregor - Director Skills for Enterprise

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Funny and inspiring...

"Today I had the great privilege to listen to Joy speaking. Her story is very honest, funny and inspiring. Focusing on response-ability she had me reconsider approaches to situations in my life and helped me to find a more positive outcome. If you haven't yet heard Joy, I recommend you look out for where she is speaking or if you book speakers, get her booked! Thanks again Joy, you were a JOY!!!" - Janet Jones - The Happiness Millionaire Mentor

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A timely message.....

"Joy Marsden came to speak to us at the BBC today about 'how to thrive when everything around you is changing' and to say that she was AMAZING would be an understatement. She's such an entertaining and authentic speaker. If you came to hear Joy speak this evening, I hope that you enjoyed her talk. If you asked for the audio recording - you're in for a treat! I personally found her entertaining and she gave some sound advice too. Joy and I didn't plan this but her talk on how to 'kick ass' when everything's changing around you was very timely given the relocation announcement made today." Toby Mildon - Furture media project manager - BBC

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